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Hangzhou strikes a perfect balance as a city that respects its heritage and embraces the modern world. The city is among the most popular tourist destinations in China and often ranked as one of the country's most scenic.

One of Hangzhou's greatest draws is West Lake, which is just to the southeast of The Dragon on the other side of Baoshi Hill. The site of many tourist attractions - and crisscrossed by picturesque causeways - the West Lake scenic area covers more than 50 square kilometers. Visitors are encouraged to take in the Lesser Yingzhou Isle and Mid-Lake Pavillion, which date back 500 years.

Temples and pagodas
Many of Hangzhou's pagodas and temples were built more than 1,000 years ago. The Jingci Temple, located off Nanshan Road, was erected in 954. The temple's famous bell weighs in at 10 tons and rings 108 times annually in celebration of Chinese New Year. Visitors can ride a cable car to visit the temple atop Beifeng Hill.

Gardens and museums
Chinese culture is also celebrated at a number of key museums in the city, such as the National Silk and Tea Museum.
Hangzhou is renowned for its spectacular gardens. The garden of Guo Zhuang is a horticultural masterpiece. Visitors enjoy views of the garden from the Liang Yi Xuan teahouse. The Hangzhou Botanical Gardens is another popular tourist spot.

Hangzhou offers excellent shopping. Historic Qing He Fang Street is one of the most famous, particularly for local goods such as silks and teas. Silk is also a popular draw at the Tiyuchang Road market; shoppers looking for clothing tend to favour the Yan'an Road Shuguang Road areas, as wells as the stretch between Wushan and Wulin Squares.

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